Photography-15 Pictures

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Photography, Uncategorized


Using the SLR digital cameras, take the following pictures:

1. A picture of a person inside
2. A picture of a person outside
3. A “natural” portrait – a picture of someone who is not looking at the camera or acting as if they’re having their picture taken
4. A close up of an object (as close as you can get with the object still in focus)
5. A picture of a building
6. A picture of a lot of something (i.e. a lot of pencils, a lot of bricks, a lot of books, a lot of people)
7. A picture of a colour (fill the picture with something that is all one colour (i.e. green grass, red bricks, grey sidewalk)
8. A picture of a texture (rough, soft, smooth, whatever)
9. A picture of a hand or hands
10. A picture that shows repetition (i.e a row of lockers, chairs, railings on stairs, books)
11. A low angle picture (camera is at a low level looking up at something or someone) 12. A high angle picture (camera is high looking down at something or someone)
13. A picture of someone moving (running, jumping, walking, etc.)
14+15. Two bonus pictures to make it an even fifteen – these can be anything you want.

Work in groups to take the pictures if you like, but everybody MUST have their own unique pictures.

When you have all of these pictures, load them onto your Z drive (use My Documents if Z: is full)

Print this entry off and take it with you if you need it to remember what pictures you need.

Do any cropping or other Photoshop work that these pictures need.

When you have taken and edited all of the pictures, post them on your blog. Be sure to label each picture so I know what I’m looking at. Include a brief description explaining why you decided to take the picture the way you did.

Make sure that YOU take all of your own pictures for this assignment.

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