Adobe Illustrator

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Illustrator, Uncategorized

Adobe Illustrator is a program used for designing simple shapes and images often used in logos or animation.

Here is a handout that should answer many of your questions about some commonly used tools.
Using the Pathfinder and Align tool in Illustrator Tutorial

Once you’ve completed that, try this tutorial for making a group of Ninjas.  Post to your blog with the title “Ninjas” when you are finished.

Note: When saving your work in illustrator, you will not be able to save as a JPEG which is crucial for adding your finished work to the blog.  In a similar fashion as you used for InDesign, you will have to export (NOT SAVE) as a JPEG file.  To do this, select ‘File’ -> ‘Export’ -> ‘JPEG’, and then just add it to your blog as you did with Photoshop.

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