Magazine Cover

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you had your own magazine, what would it be about? What would be on the cover? Using InDesign, design a magazine cover that looks as “real” as possible. You can duplicate an existing magazine or come up with your own original idea. Include the magazine name, a picture or illustration and the usual text describing what’s inside the magazine (as well as a date/volume/issue number etc) What are some things that all magazine covers have in common? Why do certain magazines look the way they do?

This site gives a detailed breakdown of some standard elements of magazine covers.

A google image search for “magazine cover” should provide plenty of inspiration. Make it “Bleed” – the images on most magazine covers will go right over the edge of the page (in the design world this is referred to as a “bleed”). Make sure your images are large enough to roll off the edge of the page so there won’t be a border on your image.

Here is a google results page with a variety of Magazine Cover tutorials – if you’re having a hard time getting started, pick on of those and jump right in!\

If you scroll down you will see the evolution of my magazine cover.  I still need to add a couple of things to make it look more authentic such as a bar code and a date line.

Magazine Cover – my first attempt

This is back when I was still learning the principles of design.  My type-faces do not match and my spacing is bad.

Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover – Second Attempt

In the first one,the font for my title and additional info didn’t match up.  The title was serif (the little tails around the lettering) and the other type did not have that.  Although the new font is still different from the one I used for the title, I think you’ll agree it matches better.  I also learned a helpful little tool to shrink the width of your font.

hint1 copy

This little button will give you  more flexibility with your font selection.  This allowed me to use the font I wanted without having to have ‘Daniel Day-Lewis’ on two lines.

Other things I did was lower the title down and remove the underline.


Magazine Cover

My Finished Product

The only thing I’m not crazy about is the selling line.  Unfortunately, if I wanted the type-faces to match, the lettering all had to be capitalized.

Magazine Cover

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