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Posted: April 7, 2013 in InDesign, Uncategorized

Today we will start designing our menus.  The goal here is to select an appropriate design for the type of food you are serving, the atmosphere and the clientele.  Aks yourself, “What kind of message am I trying to send with my menu design?”

If you had your own restaurant, what would be on the menu? Would it be a fancy fine dining affair or a fun, kid-friendly burger joint? What would your restaurant be called? You can come up with a completely original idea or modify something that already exists.

Design a menu for a restaurant that includes at least 10 items with descriptions and prices. Include pictures for some but not necessarily all – that’s your choice.

Need some inspiration? Here is a Google search on Menu design Most of these are pretty plain – I’d like you to spice yours up with appropriate images and graphics.

Remember your design principles:
1.Contrast:  How will you make your items stand out? Will the name of the restaurant stand out from the rest of the page?
2. Repetition:  Choose one or two fonts to use throughout the menu. Use bold or italic if you need to make something stand out. Select colours that you can use throughout your design.
3. Alignment: How will you organize your menu items? Will you place them neatly in columns? Where will the images go?
4. Proximity: How will you group similar items (desserts, main dishes, etc)?

Your font selection is key here. This is the easiest way to give your reader an idea of what sort of experience they will have in your restaurant.

Check out the following graphic for an example of how a font change can completely change the feel of text:

The top text (which is Comic Sans, and should never be used, ever!) is very informal and relaxed. The second is a script type font which is much more refined and formal. The last two are along the lines of the first, but are a little more serious. This is something that you will have to experiment with in order to develop your own style. Always make sure that the fonts you are choosing are readable though!

Here is one example:

kind of message am I trying to send with my menu design? Menu CoverMenu page1Menu page2

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