Principles of Design

Posted: April 3, 2013 in InDesign, Uncategorized

You have started to get used to the technical side of desktop publishing software. I would like you to start thinking of the design side. There are some basic principals of design that I would like you to consider in creating your posters: Contrast – Created when elements are different. If two elements are not exactly the same, make them different. Really different. Repetition – Repeat an aspect of the design throughout the entire piece. Could be a typeface, graphic element or colour. Alignment – Nothing should be placed on the page arbitrarily. Every item should have a visual connection with something else on the page. Proximity – Group related items together. Items that are not related should not be in close proximity to each other.
This is all good info to know, even though the acronym for it spells “C.R.A.P”…. Go figure….

You can read and watch a little bit more about these principles.  Please go through EACH tutorial.
1. YouTube C.R.A.P.
2. This is a file that outlines these principles with visual examples.
3. The Big Four.

1. Create a poster that raises awareness about a social issue that concerns you (e.g. global warming).  The goal here is to use the principles of design to get your message across with as few words as possible. I will be looking for evidence of your understanding of the principles discussed in the tutorials above when I evaluate this project.
When you are finished, please Export a copy as a jpg file and post to your blog with the title Social Issue Poster.
2. Once you have finished your serious poster, you can create a humorous one (e.g. pants for penguins).  When finished, please post to your blog.

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