Sign Design in InDesign

Posted: April 1, 2013 in InDesign, Uncategorized


We are going to move into our next application –  Adobe InDesign, which is Desktop Publishing Software. It is used to layout images and text together. InDesign and other desktop publishing software is used to create documents such as newspapers, magazines, posters, business cards, and posters… even websites.  Basically anything that combines text and images will use some sort of desktop publishing software.

We will spend the next few weeks producing documents using Adobe InDesign. Start studying how different documents you see are put together – look at newspapers, magazines, and the advertisements within. What sort of font selection is used? How are text and images aligned? By forming an awareness of what professionally designed documents look like, you should be able to produce higher quality documents yourself.

If there is one thing that this classroom needs more of, it’s signs. Create a sign for me that informs the viewer of one of the rules of this classroom. Everybody loves rules, right? What makes a sign effective? It should be readable from a distance, memorable – even funny, so people notice it and take heed of the message. It should get right to the point, and not have tons of unneeded detail. Use pictures or graphics to help with your message. When you are using images, a good rule of thumb is to use a single large image or graphic over many small images. Make it big and bold.

A few rules that you could choose from: Don’t wear hats in class. No food near computers. Be nice. Don’t be late. Be nice to the computers. Recycle. Don’t make a mess. If you think of another one, let me know. You could also choose to do a motivational poster if you’d like. Happy sign making! sharp.jpg

Here is a video of some of the most basic techniques of Indesign

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