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Processed Gritty Look

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Photoshop

The next image deals with layers and blending modes as well. The end result is an overprocessed, gritty look.

You can follow the tutorial on this page.

1. Follow the above tutorial.  Save and work with the image off of the tutorial.   Post on your blog with title Gritty 1.  You may wish to post the original picture as well.
2. If time permits, find another interesting photo (you may have already found one) and use the skills that you learned in this tutorial on this photo.  Post on your blog with the title Gritty 2.  Again, you may wish to post the original picture also.

Photographic Theme Portfolio Grade 10 Communication Technology

We are going to start using the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Cameras.  I would like you to go through ALL of the following tutorials BEFORE you start to use the camera.  You would benefit more if you have one of these cameras in front of you as you go through the tutorial.
DSLR Terminology Basics I
DSLR Terminology Basics II
DSLR Terminology Basics III
DSLR Terminology Basics IV
Canon Rebel Basics I
Canon Rebel Basics II


Use the knowledge you have gained with past photographic projects to create a portfolio of photos on a specific theme (10 or more photos).  Save them in a folder in your CommTech folder on your Z:/drive.  Then, post them to your blog.

Choose a theme like:

FRIENDS – Photos of classmates and friends working, sitting, reading etc.

PORTRAITS – Posed or Natural (spontaneous) close up portraits of different people (neck up), use natural or artificial light, try to use different angles, B & W or colour. Be sure to ask people permission to take their picture.

The Natural World – Photos of nature around DHS

The Developed World – Photos of buildings, architecture, man made objects

THE SCHOOL – photos of DHS from various places, inside and out, remember to use composition, angles, framing to create interesting photos.

ARTWORK – Photos of different pieces of art found in and around the school.

ONE ITEM – Pick one item and take different pictures of that same item using various angles, shutter speeds, lighting or positioning.

Or a theme that you would like to use, please check with instructor on your choice.

You will be marked on three aspects of this project.

1. Continuity of the theme. (Keeping the chosen theme evident in all pictures).

2. Technical quality (clear, in focus pictures).  You may wish to check out this tutorial on the

3. Composition and Artistic quality. (Framing, use of light, positioning, interesting angles, etc)