Hair Colouring

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

This exercise deals with more advanced layer modes in photoshop. The layer mode setting changes how layers interact with each other. You will need to follow the tutorial instructions carefully in order to get the desired results. Your final results may not look exactly like the sample images, but they should be close.

The first image involves changing the colour of a certain part of an image while still being able to see the texture and shading of the original image. We do this by selecting the hair using quick mask mode and then creating a Fill Layer set to the “Soft Light” mode. Here is a tutorial that outlines the above process step by step.

Today’s assignment:
1. Follow the tutorial given with an image of your choice.  You may wish to save the picture from this post or from the tutorial and work with that.
2. Change the hair colour on two images – the first would be someone that you know or yourself.  The second would be a pet like your dog, cat or horse.  Post BOTH these pics on your blog with the titles “Hair Colouring 1 and Hair Colouring 2.

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