Black and White Photo

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Photoshop

This assignment involves selecting parts of an image and selectively filtering/changing colours in the rest. You have likely seen this technique used in pictures that have, for example, a red rose and everything else in black and white.

You may choose to work with the following picture.

There are two things that I would like you to do in this assignnment:
First, I would like you to find a picture such as the ones above.  Select and protect part of the image and then experiment with the “Image/Adjustments…. Go through and experiment with most/all of the different options in that menu to get an understanding for how they work.

Second, I would like you to use this technique to come up with two (2) images that have part of the picture protected.
a) Change the remainder of one image to black and white.  Post this assignment with the title “black and white assignment”
b) Change the remainder of the other image to something of your choice in the “Image/Adjustments” menu.  Post this assignment with a title  similar to the “black and white assignment” but that names the technique that you used.  For example “Adjustments/Exposure”

Remember to be creative and to experiment with the software the best that you can.

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