Clone Stamp Tool

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Photoshop

Use the clone stamp and selection tools to complete the following image assignments

For the image, you will completely remove an object from a photo using the clone stamp tool (like I have done with the skateboard above). This tool allows you to copy parts of a picture over to other areas. Try to select a picture that will end up looking interesting or funny with something missing (sports pics work well for this). If you are not sure how to use the clone stamp tool then ask for assistance!!! Title this assignment “Using the clone stamp tool”

Remember that once you have used the clone stamp tool, you may find it helpful to use tools such as blur and smudge to make your image seem a little more natural.

When you are finished, post the original(s) and the results to your blog with the title “Clone Stamp Tool”.  Please label all pictures – ie: “original”, “after cloning”

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