Finding Images Online

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Photoshop

Assignment #1: finding images online

#1 Finding Images Online In our upcoming Photoshop assignments you will find that you need to find many different images for use in your assignments. I would like you to become familiar with some of the resources that are available to you on the Internet.

Find links to the following images.  As you find them,
1. save them to your z:/drive (you may wish to make a folder for images)
2. Copy the link to a list on your blog for today.  Number this list.
3. Insert the image also right on to your blog.

You will likely have different links than others in the class – that’s ok. I am mainly interested in your search ability and your use of different sources to get the best possible image you can find.

Try to find large sized, clear images.

Send me links to pictures of:

1. A digital camera
2. Max the Moose
3. A cool car or truck
4. A guitar hero (of any kind)
5. An apple on a white background
6. A really old computer
7. A line drawing of an eagle
8. A very, very old man
9. An extreme sport
10. An Olympic athlete
11. Something on fire
12. A giant wave
13. One of those old bikes with the big wheels
14. An albino animal
15. Lightning
16. At least one other interesting picture of your choice


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